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Eric D. Spell

Eric D. Spell

Director of Business Development

Eric D. Spell grew up on a family farm in eastern North Carolina. Surrounded by agriculture, Eric always knew he wanted to be involved in the industry and went on to major in Business & Agribusiness Management at NC State University. He began his agriculture career by working with the largest swine integrator in the world, Murphy Brown, as a Corporate Recruiter and Trainer and eventually as live operations manager. After years of invaluable corporate experience, Eric decided to pursue his entrepreneurial calling in the form of AgCareers.com. Eric served as the Co- Founder and CEO for 20 years where he led the company to be the leading online job board for agriculture. After being offered the opportunity to join the family of Piedmont Chemical Industries, Eric stepped into the role of Director of Business Development for FarmLab Innovations, LLC. In this role, Eric has led the movement to revolutionize the animal health industry in meeting the needs of farmers by “bringing the lab to their farms.”

In his free time, Eric enjoys playing golf, spending time with his family attending NC State athletic events, and sitting by the lake at their house with his wife, their three children and their four legged friend, Russell.

Kevin Hrebenar

Kevin Hrebenar


Kevin Hrebenar grew up in western Pennsylvania.  With an interest in science, he attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York and majored in Chemistry.  He received his M.S. in Surface and Colloid Chemistry as well as an MBA.  Kevin is a creative formulating surfactant scientist and has led the industry both globally and locally for over 35 years.  For 25 years, Kevin represented Petroferm abroad and stateside as a Business Management Director.  He led teams in the creation of specialty surfactant formulations in over 10 different industries while simultaneously leading business development teams to open new markets and new applications.   In 2016, Kevin joined Dooley Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Piedmont Chemical Industries Group, to pursue new development opportunities outside of the textile industry. Currently, Kevin serves as the VP of Operations & R&D for Dooley Chemicals while also serving as the COO of FarmLab Innovations, LLC.  Talented in international business management, operations, and Research & Development in the specialty chemical industry, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge to FarmLab Innovations as he aims to meet the needs of farmers by “bringing the lab to their farms.”

In his free time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

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Who We Are

FarmLab Innovations, LLC is a division of Piedmont Chemical Industries that is specifically focused on revolutionizing the animal agriculture industry through science. Our parent company has more than 80 years of specialty chemical engineering success, which gives our scientists the freedom to ask new questions as they address daily problems and concerns that our growers face. Some of these issues may even be of the “elephant in the room” variety, meaning that they aren’t typically discussed in an open forum in order to avoid unwanted public attention. However, we’re glad to bring them to the forefront of conversation in order to tackle them head-on. We’re committed to offering high-quality, highly tested products that improve our field both now and in the future.

FarmLab Innovations, LLC offers two revolutionary products that are specifically formulated to alleviate common concerns of those working in the animal agriculture industry.

Learn More About FarmLab Innovations


FarmLab Innovations COO Kevin Hrebenar spoke about the company’s cutting-edge product line specially designed for boosting sanitation and cutting cleaning time.

The TechTalk covers the company’s innovative SWASH™ product line, which has proved crucial in boosting sanitation for broilers and growers, reducing the manpower necessary for maintaining proper sanitation, and reducing water usage.

In this presentation, you will learn about:

  • The challenges facing all phases of live animal production.
  • Why the sanitation process is often not as effective as you think it is. And how you can maximize your efforts against biofilm, disease and organic matter left behind.
  • The various SWASH™ products that are currently available, including Dust Repel, House, and LiveHaul, as well as proper application techniques and usage for these products.
  • The composition of these products, plus where they’re used most effectively. As well as before and after photos.

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About Swash™

SWASH™ is a product of the new life sciences division of FarmLab Innovations, LLC. Though our product and FarmLab Innovations, LLC are relatively new to the market, the company isn’t, as we’re part of Piedmont Chemical Industries. PCI has been an industry staple for 80 years. Collectively, our chemists have more than 200 years of experience. They use that hands-on expertise to deliver a range of innovative products.

Over the last year, our team had countless discussions with poultry growers in order to find out more about their process. We learned about the daily headaches that made their efforts more complicated, and aimed to offer practical solutions to these problems. Several growers revealed to us that cleaning the fans between flocks was one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of their job. We quickly recognized that this was also an issue shared by those focused on raising healthy pigs. SWASH™ was developed after combining this information with the depth of surfactant chemist knowledge that existed within our team. It’s why we like to say, “FarmLab Innovations – bringing our lab to your farm for solutions to new and old issues!”

About LitterLock Plus™

LitterLock Plus™ is a product of the new life sciences division of Piedmont Chemical Industries, FarmLab Innovations, LLC. Both brands are proud to be part of the PCI family of companies. Though the division and mission are new, the company isn’t, as Piedmont has been an industry staple for 80 years. Collectively, our team of chemists has more than 200 years of experience. They use that hands-on expertise to deliver innovative products that revolutionize the litter amendment process.

The need for LitterLock Plus™ became apparent after spending time with over 125 large-scale farmers over the course of several months. These professionals have large poultry or turkey facilities and grow for an integrator. Their operations also consist of specialty crop growers, often producing a wide variety of vegetables we all consume on a daily basis.

Regardless of the specific operation, a common problem emerged: there is an increased amount of pressure to utilize alternative practices and products to replace the antibiotics that were traditionally used to manage animal health. Now more than ever, there’s a focus on air quality and proper ventilation. After years of use, acid-based litter amendment treatments have begun to damage the equipment found in poultry units, and farmers are looking for safer alternatives to provide longevity for their equipment, while still preserving the health of their flock.

That’s where LitterLock Plus™ comes into play. With LitterLock Plus™, we aim to create an alternative that’s gentle on both skin and equipment, while still providing the level of air quality needed to yield a high-quality grow-out. We rely on the experience and expertise of our team to revolutionize the litter amendment process for growers across the country.

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Field Application Specialists:

  • Andrew (Drew) Sanderson
    Andrew Sanderson Commodities – NC
  • Jacob Perez
    Poultry Farm Company – AL