Is this product corrosive or acidic?

This product is neither corrosive or acidic.

Is this product a liquid?


How can I purchase SWASH™?

Please click here to get in touch with a representative of FarmLab Innovations.

When do I apply SWASH Dust-Repel™?

After each flock and cleaning of fans and houses.

How do I apply SWASH Dust-Repel™?

This product can be applied with a back-pack sprayer or an ATV with a spray tank.

What surfaces can I apply SWASH Dust-Repel™ on?

Fans, Shutters, Louvres, Cowlings, Vents, Curtains

What type of fans can I use SWASH Dust-Repel™ on?

Metal, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Plastic

Does this product prevent oxidation?

This product reduces the oxidation process.

Does SWASH Dust-Repel™ need to be applied between every flock?

Yes, this product needs to be applied after every flock.

When do I apply SWASH Equipment™?

After the equipment is clean.

How do I apply SWASH Equipment™?

Varies per type of equipment.

What surfaces can I apply SWASH Equipment™ on?

Metals, Plastics, Fiberglass, Glass

What type of machinery can I use SWASH Equipment™ on?

Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Implements, Mowers, ATV’s, Cars

When do I apply SWASH LiveHaul™?

After cleaning and disinfecting. (Disinfectant can be combined with SWASH™ and be applied together.)

How do I apply SWASH LiveHaul™?

Switch power washer nozzles and use SWASH™ pail.

What surfaces can I apply SWASH LiveHaul™ to?

Metals, Fiberglass, Plastics

What type of trailers can SWASH LiveHaul™ be applied?

Poult Trailers, Chicken Trailers, Swine Trailers

When do I apply SWASH House™?

After cleaning and disinfecting. (Disinfectant can also be combined with SWASH™ to be applied together.)

How do I apply SWASH House™?

Use an adaptor to attach SWASH™ pail to power washer.

What surfaces can I apply SWASH House™ on?

Crates, Floors, Sidewalls, Feeders, Water Lines

LitterLock Plus™

What do I need to know about applying LitterLock Plus™?

The spray isn’t a DOT hazardous material, so you won’t need special training or transportation in order to use it. Since it’s non-acidic and non-corrosive, you can apply it using a sprayer mounted on a utility vehicle. You don’t even need protective clothing or gear during the application process.

When can I apply LitterLock Plus™?

You can apply LitterLock Plus™ anytime between five and 10 days of bird placement. To learn more about the product, click here to check out our free user application guide.

Is the product corrosive?

No, LitterLock Plus™ is non-acidic and non-corrosive, so it’s safe for both your equipment and your skin.

Can this be considered organic?

Though LitterLock Plus™ hasn’t filed to be certified organic yet, the product is made of materials that can meet the certification process.

Does LitterLock Plus™ treat the brood section only?

No, the product successfully treats the whole house.

How long does LitterLock Plus™ last?

LitterLock Plus™ lasts for the duration of the 50-plus day grow period. It will keep ammonia levels below the crucial 25 parts per million, and also maintains a consistent pH and leaves litter noticeably drier, thus offering a healthier environment for chicks.

How do I know if LitterLock Plus™ would be right for me?

You might like to check out our product overview sheet. It’s free! Or you can click here to download our SDS.

How do I purchase LitterLock Plus™?

Click here and we’ll be in touch shortly!