Is this product corrosive or acidic?

This product is neither corrosive or acidic, with the exception of SWASHCOOL-CELL™.

Is this product a liquid?


How can I purchase SWASH™?

Please click here to get in touch with a representative of FarmLab Innovations.

When do I apply SWASHDust-Repel™?

After each flock to a wet-cleaned surface and cleaning of fans and houses.

How do I apply SWASHDust-Repel™?

This product can be applied diluted 25% with a backpack sprayer or an ATV spray tank.

What surfaces can I apply SWASHDust-Repel™ on?

Fans, cowlings, shutters, louvers, vents, water lines, tunnel doors, ceilings, curtains, etc

What type of fans can I use SWASHDust-Repel™ on?

Metal, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Plastic

Does this product prevent oxidation?

This product reduces the oxidation process.

Does SWASHDust-Repel™ need to be applied between every flock?

Yes, this product needs to be applied after every flock.

When do I apply SWASHEQUIPMENT™?

After the equipment is clean.


Dilute 25% in backpack/garden sprayer.

What surfaces can I apply SWASHEQUIPMENT™ on?

Metals, Plastics, Fiberglass, Glass

What type of machinery can I use SWASHEQUIPMENT™ on?

Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Implements, Mowers, ATV’s, Cars

What surfaces should I avoid applying SWASHEQUIPMENT™ on?

Seats and vehicle operating pedals.

When do I apply SWASHHOUSE™?

After cleaning and diluting. 

How do I apply SWASHHOUSE™?

Dilute 25% if using ATV/Backpack sprayer. Do not dilute if using our special Dilution Valve.

What surfaces can I apply SWASHHOUSE™ on?

Hog: Crates, Floors, Sidewalls, Feeders, Water Lines
Poultry: Slats, nests/nest pads, ramps and chutes

When do I apply SWASHCOOL-CELL™?

Apply to clean pads to keep them efficient or to dirtier pads to clean and maintain them.

How do I apply SWASHCOOL-CELL™?

Pour 1 gallon of product for every 20 feet of cool-cell pads into the sump.

What does SWASHCOOL-CELL™ do and what does it treat?

SWASHCOOL-CELL™ balances the systems pH level, keeps minerals soluble, and disperses dirt and dust so as to not stick on the pads. It treats algae, mineral buildup, scaling and iron.

Why should I use SWASHCOOL-CELL™?

This product provides an all-in-one solution that helps prevent mineral buildup, scaling and algae growth.

If my pads are very dirty, will I need to retreat?

This depends on how dirty the pads were to begin with. If they were clean the treament should last through a couple flocks. Very dirty pads will require an additional treatment. Troughs will need to be dumped and refilled with fresh water prior to the additional treatment.

Can Swash Cool-Cell be applied during the flock?

Yes, simply add the product to the sump at any time in the flock when the cool-cells will be running.

How long does SWASHCOOL-CELL™ last?

This depends on pad cleanliness and make-up water quality.

Will it void the warranty?

No, the product has been or is in the process of being approved by the major cool-cell manufacturers.

What if my pH is too low or too high?

Buffers neutralize the pH for a period long enough for chelating agents to solubilize and disperse foreign matter.

Will this extend the life of my pads?

Yes, reducing buildup, algae and iron will extend the life of the pads by allowing the pads to completely dry between cycles.

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