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Reduce build-up and improve the airflow of existing evaporative cooling systems

SWASHCool-Cell™ helps animal agriculturists maintain the longevity and effectiveness of evaporative cooling systems for the poultry and swine industries. These systems use the natural cooling effect of evaporation to maintain proper temperatures for livestock, particularly during months when the temperature exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Common issues with evaporative cooling systems include mineral and algae build-up, deterioration of cool cell pads from continual cleaning, and increased utility bills due to inefficient airflow.

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SWASHCool-Cell™ has one application available:

Surface Applications:
Cool-Cell Pads

HOW IT WORKS:  SwashCool-Cell™ works in three distinct ways:

Balance the pH Level

Buffers balance the pH level of your water

Soluble Minerals

Chelating agents keep minerals soluble


Dispersants cause the dust and dirt to disperse in the water

Below are videos of a cool-cell before and after treatment.

Notice the algae build up restricting water flow.

Unrestricted water flow and significantly cleaner lines.

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Benefits of using Swash™:

SWASH™ offers a reduced environmental footprint and more time left for animal care, as well as an easier way to clean and protect surfaces.

Boost Sanitation Levels

Your farm has never been cleaner

Multiple Applications

Also suitable for use in greenhouses

Safer Environment

It ensures a healthier environment for your animals

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Current distributors:

Field Application Specialists:

  • Andrew (Drew) Sanderson
    Andrew Sanderson Commodities – NC
  • Jacob Perez
    Poultry Farm Company – AL

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