Benefits. Around an hour saved per house washing time using 1000 gallons water less per house. Other growers should use it. Less build up on fans which let them operate more efficiently longer. Wear and tear from washing with pressure washer on equipment and ceilings is reduced.  Time savings and less water in your litter. Wellie Jackson

Turkey Grower, Clinton, NC

By using SWASHDust-Repel™, it kept the fans cleaner throughout the grow out of the flock. The dust didn’t stick to SWASH™ treated surfaces like non-treated. Other growers should consider it for the benefit of increased air flow and ease of cleaning fans. Jason Anderson

Chicken Grower, Harrisonburg, VA

The main benefit that I noticed was how much easier it was to wash my fans. My time washing each fan was cut almost in half.  Other growers should consider using this SWASHDust-Repel™ because it’s easy and quick to apply and will save them time washing down and reduce water use.  I look forward to trying different places to use this product, for example my vent boxes and attic vents. Thanks again for introducing this product for use to utilize. Nathan Jones

Broiler Grower, Gumbo, DE

We found that with the application of Swash™, the cleaning of fans and equipment became much easier. In turn, that saved time and reduced water consumption used in the cleaning process. Swash™ is now a standard part of our cleaning process. Clint Boney

Turkey Grower, Clinton, NC

SWASHDust-Repel™ Untreated Dark-Out (light trap)

SWASHDust-Repel™ Treated Dark-Out (light trap)

The above pics were taken at Brandy DeLoach’s pullet farm in GA. This is week 5 into a 21-week flock.

Easier to get fans clean and saved time and water. Greg Stidham

Broiler Grower, Hackleburg, AL

We treated all our 54″ fans with the SWASH™ product. During the flock we found that dust didn’t build up on the fans as quickly as it normally does. We usually grow 9 week birds so we have a lot of dust the last couple of weeks.  It did eventually build up a lot of dust the last week. We do not wash our own fans, but the guy we have wash them said it was much easier to wash off. David & Alene Robinson

ABF Broiler Grower, Raleigh, MS

Using the SWASHDust-Repel™ was a time and energy saver. I cut my labor cost down by 2 houses of washing fans. Also, I used much less water, which in return saved energy for me and the environment. I feel other growers could benefit greatly from this product. I’m a small producer and I saw savings. For a larger producer the benefit would be huge labor savings. Less water in the houses would be a better environment for the birds. Bottom line it will make you money in the long run. We all need that! Bill Warren

Turkey Grower, Clinton, NC

Review of SWASHDust-Repel™ with Drew Sanderson.
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