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Boost shine and eliminate dirt on equipment

For use on tractors, trucks, cars, mowers, combines and more. SWASHEQUIPMENT™ can be applied to all surfaces after cleaning your vehicles or equipment and is safe to apply on all painted surfaces and glass. No drying or rinsing required. Product is not suitable for use to treat interior vehicle seats and vehicle-operating pedals.

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SWASHEQUIPMENT™ has one application available:

Surface Applications:
Tractors, trucks, cars, mowers, combines, composters, windrowers, tillers, etc. Also safe to apply on all painted surfaces and glass.

HOW IT WORKS:  Swash™ products work in three distinct ways:


Improves the ability to clean and disinfect by creating a wax type finish, gloss and shine


Minimizes the attraction of foreign matter and prevents the build up of dust


Extends surface protection

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Benefits of using Swash™:

SWASH™ offers a reduced environmental footprint as well as an easier way to clean and protect surfaces.

Boost Sanitation Levels

Your equipment has never been cleaner

Save Time

A reduction in cleaning time by up to 50 percent

Save Money

A reduction in water usage by up to 50 percent

Safer Environment

It ensures your equipment stays cleaner

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SWASHEQUIPMENT is the best product I’ve tried so far to clean my lawncare equipment. Everything else failed to to hit the mark.

Tony Philyaw

Lawncare, Eastern NC

If you want to have equipment that’s easier to clean and keep clean this is the product to use. I sprayed my round baler before season started and it has kept the dust down to just a minimum.

Price Wallace

Mendenhall, MS

My spreader trucks stay cleaner and are easier to wash as a result of SWASHEQUIPMENTand SWASHDUST-REPEL™.

Jimmy Windom

Sawdust Unlimited, Mendenhall, MS

I absolutely would recommend SWASHEQUIPMENT to anyone who likes to take care of and keep the equipment they use clean and looking new. I was a little hesitant to believe that something you mix with water and apply could live up to the description given. I was wrong. It’s an unbelievable product. The equipment I use still looks as good as the day it was delivered to the dealer. With a simple application, I’m able to windrow 12 houses completely and clean the tractor up with a garden hose. Everything down to the tires return to production line clean. With the rising cost of equipment nowadays we all know better appearance is more for trade. Using SWASHEQUIPMENTaids in the ability to keep your equipment looking new. It’s truly a great product. Don’t be hesitant to buy it.

B Sterling

Delmarva, Eastern Shore

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