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Reduce dust buildup throughout your grow-out

Dust created from litter and waste puts a serious strain on your poultry facility’s ventilation equipment. When applied to fans, cowlings, shutters and louvers, SWASH for Poultry™ builds a protective shield that significantly reduces dust buildup throughout your grow-out. Regular use of SWASH™ enables fan equipment to perform with 20 percent more efficiency. An added bonus? Cleaning time drops by 30-50 percent, and requires 30 percent less water.

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SWASH™ FOR POULTRY has three applications available:

Surface Applications: Hatch trays, nests, nest pads and ramps.

Poultry Surface Applications:
Fans, cowlings, shutters, louvers, darkouts, water lines, tunnel doors, attic vents, air inlet vents and light bulbs.

Surface Applications:
Cool-Cell Pads.

HOW IT WORKS:  Swash™ products work in three distinct ways:


Improves the ability to clean and disinfect by creating a wax type finish, gloss and shine


Minimizes the attraction of foreign matter and prevents the build up of dust


Extends surface protection, while inhibiting the formation of organic films

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Benefits of using Swash™:

SWASH™ offers a reduced environmental footprint and more time left for animal care, as well as an easier way to clean and protect surfaces.

Boost Sanitation Levels

Your farm has never been cleaner

Save Time

A reduction in cleaning time by up to 50 percent

Save Money

A reduction in water usage by up to 50 percent

Safer Environment

It ensures your animals stay cleaner, yielding a healthy environment

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  • Andrew (Drew) Sanderson
    Andrew Sanderson Commodities – NC

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