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Producing and prolonging cleaner and safer surfaces in livestock facilities

SWASH™ is a carefully formulated liquid that boosts sanitation levels in poultry and swine houses. SWASH™ alters dust, soil and waste’s ability to build up on surfaces. The product increases sanitation levels and cuts required cleaning time by up to 50 percent, leaving you with more time for other aspects of animal care.

SWASH™ features four unique formulas

each with a composition specifically tailored to work most effectively for you ... A Better Way to Clean and Protect Surfaces

SWASH™ alters the way surfaces collect organic soil or organic waste products. Once treated with SWASH™, it will become difficult for unwanted matter to build-up on surfaces - cleaning times and cleaning effectiveness also improve.

How It Works
Swash™ Products work in three distinct ways:


Improves the ability to clean and disinfect by creating a wax type finish, gloss and shine


Minimizes the attraction of foreign matter and prevents the build up of dust


Extends surface protection, while lessening the formation of organic films

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Benefits of using Swash™:
SWASH™ offers a reduced environmental footprint and more time left for animal care, as well as an easier way to clean and protect surfaces.

Boost Sanitation Levels

Your farm has never been cleaner

Save Time

A reduction in cleaning time by up to 50 percent

Save Money

A reduction in water usage by up to 50 percent

Safer Environment

It ensures your animals stay cleaner, yielding a healthy environment

Which SWASH™ application is right for you?

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